"IATSE 295 crews are a primary reason that we have a viable and growing film industry in Saskatchewan. There is a common theme from productions coming to Saskatchewan and my partners always comment on the wonderful working relationship that exists between IATSE and the Producers."

- Rhonda Baker, Producer

“We were on an extremely tight budget so we had to find a place that had some really good incentives for us. We heard of this place called Regina, Saskatchewan…It turned out really visually beautiful for the film.” “Really nice place, really lovely people, great film community, great casino.”

- Actor/Producer Charlize Theron on Late Night with David Letterman

“In this industry having a phenomenal crew can make all the difference, precisely why we choose to work in Saskatchewan.”

“It’s a pleasure to work in an environment where the people and the location are equally as wonderful.”

- Scott Einbinder, Leomax Entertainment (Walled In, Grace, Shortcut)

"The perfect blend of competitive tax incentives, an amazing production facility and enthusiastic production partners made my experience filming in Saskatchewan unforgettable."

- Jean-Charles Levy, Forecast Pictures (Lullaby for Pi, Far From Heaven)

"It was a joy working in Saskatchewan. The enthusiasm, hard work and good spirit of the crew made my experience pleasurable and memorable."

-Terry Gilliam, Director, Tideland (Recorded Picture Company/Capri Films)

“I didn't want to leave without taking the opportunity to thank each of you for making our stay so memorable. Your friendliness was surpassed only by your professionalism and given the importance of first impressions, I can honestly say you lot are the best advertisement the Canadian film industry could possibly have."

-Damian O'Donnell, Writer, Rabbit



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